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Service Your Watch or Clock
John Rocha - Cambridge  ON  
Tel: 519-620-3723

Rob Poolman – Hamilton/Grimsby
Tel: 905-407-0360

Glass Tablet Restoration/Reproduction
Dennis Burgin - Oakville ON

Glass Cutting/Bevelled Glass
Ben Orszulak - Grimsby ON

Roman Dial Restoration/Repainting
Dennis Burgin - Oakville ON 

Gear Cutting and Precision Machining
Ben Orszulak - Grimsby ON

Clock Repair Instructions
Ron Metcalfe - Brampton ON
Tel: 905-793-1048

Hamlo Jewelers
Mark & Cheryl Hamlo – Watchmakers/Gemologists
140 Queensway E. Simcoe ON N3Y 4Y7
PH: 519-426-3948 FAX: 519-426-2582
Mechanical and quartz watch repair with many vintage parts in stock. Clock parts including Hermle and some cuckoo clock parts.

For Sale: 
Dutch Clock Parts.   Stoel and Staarklok parts available. 
Contact Jerrit Vanderzwan 
Tel: 1 844 252 0177.

Oct 22, 2018
Myford ML7 Lathe
Items listed in the Myford 7 Installation Book
*Item*   *Description*     *Included yes/no*
14.    6-3/4" dia. Faceplate YES
15.    Driver plate with peg for work between centres    YES
16.    Chuck adapter plate YES
    ... *now with *6" dia. 4 (independent) jaw chuck, with chuck key
17.    Descriptive matter, Installation Book, etc.            YES,
         a copy of the original, see Note A below
18.    Oil gun for all the nipples on the machine           NO 
     ... this I can't find. I will continue to look for it.  I had it when I last used the lathe in 2003.
19.    Soft and hard centres YES  ... one of each
20.    3 Hexagon keys                    YES    ...  They're standard Allen  keys
21.    Key for Backgear lock          NO 
     ... this is an Allen key with a shortened short leg so it?ll fit into the confined space
        (see P.23 of Installation Book)
22.    Motor pulley                           YES  ... mounted on the motor
23.    2 sight feed lubricators        YES  ... mounted on the lathe.
        Note that on the left one the plastic came cracked and leaking. 
        My epoxy repair  is not fully successful.
24.    2 Spanners                            YES  ... two plus one for the  tool holder
25.    8 Change wheels                  YES 
     ...(To complete the standard set of 14: six are mounted on the machine.)

Note: A total of 14 gears: 2 of 20 teeth, and 1 each of  25, 30, 35, 38, 40, 45, 50, 55, 60, 65, 70, 75 teeth

Note A:   A clear Xerox copy of the original, on double-sided 8.5" x 11" pages in a 3-tang cover.

The cover states:   Installation Book    No. 720q
                              Myford ML7 LATHE
                             Notes on: Operation, Installation, and Maintenance, also Pictorial Parts List

Additional items included:
1.    Jacobs (British) 3-jaw chuck, 1/2", #2 morse taper, with chuck key    ... to fit tailstock
2.    Motor: 110 V, 60 Hz, 1 phase, 1/4 HP made by The British Thomson-Houston Motor Co., Rugby, England
3.    Switch, reversing    ...  mounted just below bench top to left of lathe
4.    6" dia. 4 (independent) jaw chuck, with chuck key, mounted on the supplied chuck adapter plate as noted as Item # 16 above.
5.    tool holder    ... see photo of equipment.

I've had the lathe since 1988 but not used it a lot.  The original owner had used it very little.

Image 01
Image 02
Image 03
Image 04
Image 05
Image 06

Nick Turnbull (Bracebridge)
Tel:  705-645-9971

Watches and Clock Collections. 
Large electric master clocks and parts wanted.  Watchmakers tools. 
Harold Steurer 
Tel: 905 450 6211

Clock Case
Looking for a wall clock case that has an inside dimension of 21"H x 8-1/2"W x 3-1/2" D
Member: Alex Kung


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