Welcome to the Website of the Toronto Chapter of the National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors .

We are an association of people in Ontario who meet together several times each year to share our interest in clocks and watches. Our meetings consist of a mart, where members share all things horological, by selling or exchanging in a marketplace setting. 

As well we have seminars at each meeting where we share information about various aspects of our hobby. These include technical subjects relating to watches and clocks, historical information, and personal experiences.

We Welcome Visitors to our meetings and encourage anyone who is interested in learning more about our club to please connect with us and check us out!  Contact us at chapter33toronto@gmail.com

Our Scheduled Meeting Dates at the Crown Plaza Hotel (33 Carlson Court Etobicoke, ON) include:

  • January 27th
    James Cox and his Incredible Clocks. 
    Display - M\musical and automaton clocks
  • March 24th
    George Proc - Gear design, Computer generating gears.
  • May 5th - Invitational
We also encourage everyone to become a member of the National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors.  You can learn more about our National Membership at NAWCC.org


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